Welcome to selufen, management system consultants and specialists in compliance and certification. We are an ISO 9001 certification and compliance consultancy. We’re ISO 9001 certified, award nominated, vastly experienced and are your friendly, helpful, problem solving partner in success.

We manage the complexities of certification and legal compliance in a clear and reliable way; working to make organisations better, cleaner, safer and stronger


Our approach relies on competent and reasonable risk management. selufen shapes tools, borrowed from behavioural and social sciences, management systems and statistical analysis to deliver the solutions to your problems. When risks are managed properly, your business will be better placed to cope with the tough times you may face, leaving you in an ideal position to capitalise on opportunities when times get better.


Compliance with standards, developed by the International Standards Organization, a British Standard or an industry specific accreditation, is an achievement recognised around the world.

selufen specilise in working with organisations to develop and maintain management systems for the purpose of certifcation and accreditation.

With a 100% success rate at audits, selufen is a trusted partner for certification compliance.


The legislative landscape can be costly in terms of time, cost, energy and reputation. selufen understand this and are able to support with compiance solutions that can adapt to your requirements.

Whether the solution relates to data protection, anti-bribery, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering or health and safety, selufen is here to help.


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